Illustrated comics coming back soon and Vegas!

We’ll be starting back with illustrated comics in the coming weeks. We will have one or two more 3D comic weeks, and then back to illustrated with Sizeable Double Tales 4. After that we will mix it up like in the past with illustrated and 3D, and will try to switch between the two. We will also try to have more full single story illustrated comics during the summer. We may also have a major website overhaul in the near future. More news soon and thanks to everyone for your patience with these changes.

Just like last year we’ll be next to Mount Olympus Comics at Amazing Las Vegas comic con at the end of June! If you want physical copies of Farm Grown 1 or Pixie No More 1 we’ll have them available along with many giantess and FMG pin ups and 3 stage growth sequences in 11×17 print size!

And if you are looking to buy our books with paypal check out our gumroad store: