FAQ page?

I’m thinking of adding an FAQ page.

What kind of questions/answers do you think should be there?

Keep in mind the FAQ will not be for specific things like “When is the next Grow for the Cam coming out” but rather things like:

When are comics released?
I usually release a new comic every Friday.

Why don’t you announce specific dates for upcoming comics?
I don’t want to disappoint people when I need to reschedule a comic for whatever reason.

Are the comics physical or digital?
All our comics are digital.

Are there plans for physical comics?
I would like to but most of the feedback I receive leads me to believe there wouldn’t be enough interest to support it.

Are you hiring artists or writers?
This depends on the time of the year. Send a message via the contact form with samples of your work and your price and I will respond.

Why do you not accept paypal anymore?
This is because of paypal policies. However, we may try accepting it again since I have seen paypal be more lenient in recent months
on much more mature comics than ours. If you want to pay with paypal send us a message through the contact form and we can try and figure something out.

Why are some comic series not continued?
This is usually because of low sales and or lack of feedback. I do sometimes create spinoffs or reboots if I have a good idea for one. Some series have low sales but high feedback such as Goddesszilla. This helped Goddesszilla stick around for 3 issues but I may end up rebooting it. Same goes for Jurassic GTS.

Why do you change artists from one issue of a series to the next?
This usually happens when the original artist is no longer available due to their schedule or because they no longer want to work on adult comics. Sometimes this happens if the artist was difficult to work with or just took too long to complete the comic. Other times because of a lot of negative feedback about the artist or low sales, or some combination of all of the above.

Why are you making comics that have male growth in them?
Not all our comics have male growth, in fact less have male growth than those that don’t. However, our comics have had male growth in them since the beginning, even way back in College Grown 1 and Pixie No More 1. I will continue making comics that have male growth and comics that don’t have male growth.

What about other fetishes?
Shrinking woman, Shrinking man and breast growth will continue to show up. Our two attempts at futanari “A Scent of Strength” and to a lesser extent “Spaced Hunters” (not really Futa but sorta) had very bad sales which is why there hasn’t been a sequel. I may try Spaced Hunters 2 without a cock sporting sexy female alien(or at least not the main focus) 🙂

Do you take suggestions?
Absolutely! Send them in through the contact form. However, don’t expect them to become reality all the time. Something simple/less specific like “Have a woman grow and bust out of cowboy boots while riding a man like she would a horse” is more likely to come true than something that affects the plot like “Make AGW the Family characters get abducted by aliens.”

Do you take feedback?
Definitely! For some comics I get little feedback, but it can greatly affect what happens in the comic if I like it and feel it would help/work with the story.

Etc etc.

Let me know your questions, suggestions and ideas for the FAQ Page via the contact form!