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April Fools Announcements…or were they?

Last year I received many comments on how people thought the April Fools announcement was true – some wre legitimately bummed. So this year, the April fools is the April fools! All 3 things announced…are true! Crowdfunding announcement: I am looking into putting Metal Grow Stronger on either Indieagogo or Kickstarter. It will launch in […]

April 1st Announcements

Some announcements for APRIL 1ST: ZZZ Comics will be crowdfunding new comics that will directly go to print such as METAL GROW STRONGER and it may bring sequels for long awaited series like Edge of Humanity! One, possibly two or more ZZZ Comics Characters and logo will be in an upcoming online multiplayer fighting game […]

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017

Hey guys, if you are looking to buy some printed ZZZ Comic books, come on down to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and look for the Mount Olympus Comics table! We’ll have prints there too including 3 stage growth sequence and HSefra art! And you can check out Mount Olympus stuff which includes super hero, […]

Thar BE GTS is back in the store!

Ahoy me size change lovin’ mateys! Thar BE GTS has returned to the shop just in time for Thar BE GTS 3 which be arrvin’ this weekend! Thar BE GTS can be found here: Thar BE GTS 2 can be found here: And Thar BE GTS will be in the store this weekend!

The Big Elf is back!

Hsefra and fantasy fans, the Big Elf is back in the store! This comic started as a mini comic in “Big Time” but here is the full size classic, back in the store: And later this week a new Hsefra fantasy comic arrives, Goldilocks and the Three Bearbarians, with colors from “Grown” series colorist […]

Happy New Years and Prints!

Hey everyone, Happy New Years! Every year I try to bring something new to ZZZ Comics, and this year one of those things is prints! You can now get prints of ZZZ Comics art, as well as posters, mugs, etc here: I will be adding new print options soon, some will rotate in and […]

Where’s the 12 days? And a sale!

Hey guys, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years! Unfortunately the 12 days ended short due to me becoming ill for a few days. I was going to originally render a few more of the days and have one more sexy piece of art that I will display later today or tomorrow. I also had coupons […]