Bad News and Good News

Hey guys, unfortunately I have some bad news this week but I also have some good news.

First the bad news. Oscar Celestini will no longer be drawing for ZZZ Comics. He has decided to move on and we wish him the best in his future endeavours.

Now the good news. We have one last comic by Oscar coming this week, the long awaited sequel, Camp and Grow 2! With half the comic colors by Gaston, the colorist from Camp and Grow 1 and the other half of the colors by the Growth Formula series colorist David Delanty.

We also now have Growth Formula 1 and 2 as well as Circus of Size 1 and 2 in the store, and they’re on sale for one week only!

More good news, the titles Oscar did line art for will all continue with new artists. Here is the plan so far, subject to change due to schedule and your feedback/suggestions:

Atlas Touch 5 – Vitamin Z art team
Circus of Size 2 – Right Size for Cosplay and Fountain of Growth 2 artist Piliu
Little Red Pill mini comic – Right Size for Cosplay and Fountain of Growth 2 artist Piliu
Growth Formula 3 – Danusko Campos, Amazon vs Ants and Grow Fighter artist
Camp and Grow 3 – Undecided at this time, potentially one of the above or someone new.
Keep in mind these could change when each of these comics go into production.

Feel free to send your feedback via the contact form on the website, and check out all our comics here: