April Fools Announcements…or were they?

Last year I received many comments on how people thought the April Fools announcement was true – some wre legitimately bummed. So this year, the April fools is the April fools! All 3 things announced…are true!

Crowdfunding announcement:

I am looking into putting Metal Grow Stronger on either Indieagogo or Kickstarter. It will launch in about a month and I will post updates as we get closer. If the crowdfunding is successful I will do one for Edge of Humanity 5 and other long overdue sequels over time, with the added bonus that you will be able to get them in print and or digital download along with other goodies like prints and alternate covers, pin ups etc!

The game announcement:

Ever since last years April fools I have been reaching out to game developers and these last few months I have been in contact with a video game developer working on including a couple ZZZ Comics characters into their game! And the game will have growing and muscling up of characters, you can guess who convinced them to add the growing, they were already doing the muscling up! Unfortunately its still in Alpha, so that is why they were unable to provide a screenshot for April fools. As soon as they send me screenshots with Titan Tina, Gemma or anyone else from my comics I will post them with more info on the game.

Free comic book day announcement:

It will most likely be a prequel / sequel – the follow up to Angel Fish Jelly Fish that leads to Something in the Water – more info later.