April 1st Announcements

Some announcements for APRIL 1ST:

ZZZ Comics will be crowdfunding new comics that will directly go to print such as METAL GROW STRONGER and it may bring sequels for long awaited series like Edge of Humanity!

One, possibly two or more ZZZ Comics Characters and logo will be in an upcoming online multiplayer fighting game featuring giantess and amazons! Your character can even grow and muscle up as a power up! It’s going to be either Titan Tina from My Giantess Ex Girlfriend or Gemma from Grow Fighter or another…(Possibly also “Fast Pussy” from Massive City)!

ZZZ Comics will have a free comic book by ZZZ on free comic book day!

Don’t forget the No Foolin’ sale going on now, 20% off all comics and bundles! Use this code: nofoolin2017
The sale ends Monday April 3rd at midnight.