Announcements and updates

Tales from the Vault 1 has been added to our store here:

My GTS Ex Girlfriend 3 been 8 months in production, after the recent poll and long consideration I’ve decided to get My GTS Ex Girlfriend series moving again, later sequels will come by a different artist.

I also had a new idea for the Tales from the Vault series – second chances and or endings for cancelled/stalled series! When possible I will use the original artists, but in many cases it will be a new artist.

Tales from the Vault 2 will have one of each, a stalled series(My GTS Ex Girlfriend 3), 6 colored pages were finished by the original artist but they include clothes ripping giantess growth on multiple pages, and also included is Gargantoxin 2. Gargantoxin 2 had little feedback and low support, but I decided to give it a second chance with Tales from the Vault using the same original artist, Omar! And it picks up right where Gargantoxin 1 ended, with male muscle/penis/giant growth and female muscle and giantess growth during sex. Last but not least is Daisy’s Colossal Day. This was a vault comic simply because I wanted to try a new artist in the Colossal world but then decided to stick with Wagner. After thinking more on it I decided to go ahead and release this one to see what people think and if it will become its own series of Colossal style stories.

In other news, The pin up contest is still going, get your entry in before the end of the month, more details here:

If there’s a series you’d like to see return in the next Tales from the Vault send us a message through the contact form or via email. Right now Thar BE GTS 3 is being worked on(With Vitamin Z artist Arturo doing the lines!) which could be a full comic or a Vault comic. I’ve also got my eye on Big Time and I Dream of GTS as potential Vault candidates since both those series are currently cancelled but could come back with new artists, an ending and or reboots.

Last but not least I am putting another video into production, this time a feature for one of our existing comics. If you have a suggestion for which of our comics to feature in a video post send us a message through the contact form or via email.