Archive / April, 2016

The Right Size now in the shop and Sizeable Tales 10?

“The Right Size” has been added to the shop, this was one of our first painted style comics and also one of our first official standalone comics. You can find it here: This week we’ll have “Sizeale Tales 7”, which has a spin off of “The Right Size!” If all goes to plan with […]

FAQ page?

I’m thinking of adding an FAQ page. What kind of questions/answers do you think should be there? Keep in mind the FAQ will not be for specific things like “When is the next Grow for the Cam coming out” but rather things like: When are comics released? I usually release a new comic every Friday. […]

More comics added and this weeks release: GTS POP 2!

I’ve just added Grow in the Snow and UV Me, two classic comics containing FMG, giantess and male growth! Speaking of giantess and male growth, this weeks release is GTS POP 2! It will have plenty of giantess growth and clothes ripping and a Male Growth ending option too that you can buy seperately or […]

3D Comic this week and Sizeable Tales monthly?

This weeks release is a new title in 3D style, called Big and Fit. It’s a new title but it is actually a spin off of an illustrated comic. Which comic? You’ll have to check out Big and Fit to find out! Sizeable Tales is going monthly! One new issue of Sizeable Tales each month […]